Promo video for my new book, The Truth About Dreams

When I was a freshman in high school, we were given an assignment in English class to do an anthology on any subject we wanted.  Panic ensued.  I hated open-ended assignments.  I lacked vision in the worst way.

I ended up choosing dreams.  I had absolutely no regard for dreams whatsoever, but I told myself that surely dreams would be a vague enough subject as to be able to find plenty of material on and it be completely subjective.  Turns out, dreams are anything but subjective.

I look back on that now knowing God has a sense of humor.  He knew all along what he had in store for me.  Maybe I had more vision than I thought.

I have spent the last several years of my life pouring myself into the subject of dreams, metaphor, interpretation, and Godspeak.  It has been a wild ride.  I am delighted to share some of it with you.  I believe firmly that if I, of all once-cynical people, can dream and find understanding in them, anyone can.  Will you be the next?

This book is for young and old and everyone in between.  If you desire more understanding of dream language, the ways God speaks, hearing exercises, resources and more, this book is for you.  It is also a great gift idea for that young person you desire to see grow and be inspired spiritually.

You can find a sample to read on my Goodreads profile here, under 'Kelli's Writing'.

If you have a question about dream interpretation, or any burning question really, I would love to hear it.  Follow the Contact link below to send me a message!

The Truth About Dreams (Volume 1)
By Kelli Rae Hurst